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The Eastern Gazette
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The Eastern Gazette
Established 1853
Published Fridays by The Gazette Inc., Dexter Maine 04930. Delivered FREE each week by U.S. Postal Standard Class Mail to all 17,000 residential addresses.Printed at Alliance Press, Brunswick Maine.

Janice Shank

Robert Shank
Co-Publisher & Editor

April Bryer
General Manager

Nicholas Shank
Sales & Marketing

Jesse Quiambao
Production Manager

India Shank Quiambao
Editorial Assistant

Tristan Shank
Human Resources


Insert & Mail Staff
Valentina Hathaway
Beth Burdin
Lisa Stedman
Samantha Haney
Kaili Quimby

Special Sections

Piscataquis Riverfest

Fireworks Over Sebec/Foxcroft Academy Alumni Weekend

Forest Heritage

Piscataquis Valley Fair

Harmony Free Fair

Seaplane Fly-In

Garland Days

National Hunting and Fishing Day


Breast Cancer Awareness

Fire Prevention Week

Winter Survival

Trick or Treat Safety

Veterans Day

Gift Certificates

Christmas Greetings

Healthy New Years

Moosehead Lake Ice Fishing Derby

Pine Tree Ride-In

Boy Scouts

Heart Month

Presidents' Day Sale

Poison Prevention

Girl Scouts

Healthy Living

Home, Yard, and Garden



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